arte-e-artigianato Lake Garda
arte-e-artigianato Garda Lake
lago di Garda Gardasee Lake Garda Lac de Garde .. coming soon

Arts and Crafts

Crafts boast a very ancient tradition and nowadays they are still a very important source for economy as far as both work and richness are concerned.

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Veronese Crafts

PescaThe main and most genuine artisanal activity in Lake Garda is represented by fishing.

The most important artisanal activity concerning quantity and diffusion, in the province of Verona, are those related to classic style furniture which mostly involves the lower area of Verona.

ArteAnother artisanal-artistic activity carried out in the province of Verona, dating back to the Roman age, and which is considered very important is for its economy is the art of marble.

MarmiThe art of marble working process is mainly situated in the Valpolicella area where most of the marble pits can be found. The most renowned quality is the Rosso di Verona. Marble and handmade marble products are exported by Veronese companies all over the world.

Arts and Crafts of the lake Garda

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