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valpolicella Garda Lake
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The Valpolicella area extends itself on a 250 square kilometre surface in a ray which includes the important points of the Veronese territory: part of the city of Verona, the flow of the Adige river, an arm in Lake Garda’s inland which separates it from Trentino.

Valpolicella: territory and economy

ValpolicellaIts geographical position make a rich land in the agricultural sector: the vines in Valpolicella are famous al over the world because they make excellent quality Amarone wines. Even the cultivation of cherries as well as the production of oil make Valpolicella an important good quality oil producer. The Adige’s hook which encompasses the Valpolicella and climate also make it a perfect land for the cultivation of fruit (peaches and kiwi). The Valpolicella does not just live on agriculture: Lessinia is considered the head of the extraction of excellent marbles.

ValpolicellaWine: Valpolicella is a type of wine made from a mix of grapes coming from different vines. The colour is full ruby-red, vinous scent, pleasant, caratteristic, which reminds the taste of sour almonds, a dry or smooth flavour, body, a bitterish taste, a round flavour. Valpolicella is ideal with white meats and cheeses and in for any occasion. Valpolicella Superior, noble wine, ideal with game and roasted meat.
Valpolicella Amarone matches with game, noble wildfowl and ripe cheeses while Recioto is typical wine for dessert. Although Recioto and Amarone have their own denomination, they come from the grapes of Valpolicella. During production, they undergo a partial wilting process in order to reach a minimum of 12°, but production usually passes it.

Wilting used to be made on mats called “arele”. Ageing, or refining has a different schedule compared to Valpolicella superior. It last two years and starts from the next 1st of December following vintage. This way young wines can be drunk for Christmas. Even sparkling process is planned for Recioto.