Bardolino Lake Garda
Bardolino Garda Lake
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Bardolino altitude90 m MotorwayA4 Peschiera 15 Km - A22 Affi 8 Km
pop4504 StationPeschiera 15 Km
zip code37010 AirportVillafranca 30 Km
BardolinoBardolino is one of the main destinations chosen by tourists on the Lake Garda. Bardolino is located on the eastern shore of Lake Garda, 30 km away from Verona. Behind Bardolino are the gentle slopes of the moraine hills, an arable land for wine-growing in which the same Bardolino wine is made.
In Bardolino scientists have discovered pre-historical evidence. Between 859 and 856 a dispute between Verona and other towns of the Lake took place. In the XII century Bardolino became an independent town, and the right to fish which dates back to 1222 was extended to almost all the families made up of fisherman living on the Lake.

Bardolino During the Middle Ages and the following ages , Bardolino followed the destinies of Verona and became the centre of Venice’s marine on Lake Garda. Under the Austrians Bardolino became the district’s main city which regrouped all the Veronese coastal towns.

BardolinoAmong Bardolino’s main monuments we must surely mention the church of San Zeno that is obviously one of the most beautiful Carolingian churches in Italy.

The church of San Zeno in Bardolino was one of the fewest undamaged ones after the 1117 earthquake which destroyed most of the monuments in the Veronese area.

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