meteo Lake Garda
meteo Garda Lake
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Weather and climate in Lake Garda

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The climate in Lake Garda is generally mild and temperate. This has allowed the growth of certain Mediterranean plants among which the olive tree, and lemon trees which have turned Lake Garda into a destination that is appreciated by tourists especially by Germans and Dutch. The northern part of Lake Garda is suggested for sailing sports since it is windy during most of the year. Windsurf lover will find Campione as one of the best regatta fields in the world to practice their favourite sport, while Torbole is a destination loved by sailors.

Temperatures and winds

Winds in Lake Garda

Wind in Lake Garda

Here are all the winds which characterize the lake all year long and turn it into an important destination for sailors and surf lovers.

Ora: the most famous Garda wind blows from the south and builds itself from many smaller winds that meet between Gargnano and Brenzone. It's quite regular and predicatble in spring, summer and autumn. Is's stronger and most reliable in summer because it of the strong sunrays reflected from the watersurface and the mountains around the northern part of the lake. The Ora starts when the Peler drops between 12 and 1.30 pm. and ends, in normal conditions, at sunset. Its wind force varies considerably, for example: in Brenzone 1-2, in Campione 3-5, in Malcesine 2-4 and in Torbole 4-5

Peler: It's the King of all Lake Garda winds, a "fine-weather" wind. It's constant and steady in June, July, August and September, and begins between midnight and 3 am.

Peler brings three big waves, the biggest of these three is the second that is ideal for windsurf acrobatics. Bigger waves are to be found a little more south near Torri del Benaco and even bigger near Toscolano. The Peler lasts about 12 hours, but if it builds up stronger than its usual 4/5 Beufort, then it can last until 2 or 3 pm. It brings strong waves and stirs up the deep cold water from the depth of the lake bringing the water temperature down, so delaying the Ora wind to develop. In the late afternoon the water turns flat and a strong current conveys the water back north past Brenzone, Malcesine & Navene. Later in the evening the north wind builds up again.

TemperatuAverage temperatures in Lake Garda

Average temperatures

The climate in Garda is generally mild: the great mass of helps winters not to turn into rigid ones and summers into very torrid ones.

There is no doubt that Garda’s climate is mild. Yearly average temperatures are between 12°-13°, in fact snow and fog are rare north of Garda: the lake only froze once in history (1709). Relative humidity is of 66%; average water temperature is of about 21°, in depth (30 metres) it is about 13° (in September).