Salò Lake Garda
Salò Garda Lake
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Salò altitude65 m MotorwayA4 Desenzano 15 Km
pop 10056 StationDesenzano 15 Km
zip code25087 AirportVillafranca 55 Km
SalòSalò is located in the centre of a beautiful gulf under Mount Saint Bernardo (568mt), and it is considered the “capital” of the higher part of Garda’s area of Brescia.

Salò Salò’s historical centre is a combination of streets, lanes and little squares with noble houses, elegant shops, different restaurants and different hotels, of an excellent quality. Sportfishing, surf, rowing, sailing and tennis can easily be practised.

There are public facilities for swimming, playing football, to volleyball, basketball, bowling.
The geographic position of Salò between the Valtanesi, Valle Sabbia, and Alto Garda is favourable because of the mild climate. The origins of the name Salò are not very clear: some people think that it came from the name of an Etruscan queen, Salodia, who lived in Salò, founding magnificent buildings.

Salò A valid explanation seems to be that the name comes from the origins of the town that in the past used to be the economic capital in which a very important resource like salt (in Italian “sale”) was kept.

For those who love very quiet holidays, Salò is the best place since it is less visited by teenagers and German tourists who prefer camping.

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