Malcesine Lake Garda
Malcesine Garda Lake
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Malcesine altitude65 m MotorwayA22 Affi 30 Km
pop 3423 StationPeschiera 50 Km
zip code37018 AirportVillafranca 70 Km
MalcesineOn a little headland of the Veronese side of the lake, on the slopes of Mount Baldo, Malcesine was built around a fortress which belonged to the Veronese Della Scala’s. Near the Castle and Palazzo Capitani, with its small harbour, the little squares and streets full of shops, bars and typical restaurants, Malcesine preserves its magic charm. In Malcesine tourism is the main activity: there are more than 100 hotels, 300 buildings, villas and landlords, 12 camping sites.

This is why Malcesine is one of the most elegant and equipped holiday destinations in Lake Garda. The climate in Malcesine during the summer is more temperate compared to the low area of the lake allowing you to go for walks and excursions in the inland and on Mount Baldo which is known as Europe’s botanic garden for its different vegetal species.

MalcesineIt is an important destination for sailing and windsurf lovers. Malcesine develops itself on ramp kind roads: 65 metres from Lake Garda’s level and up to 2000 meters from Mount Baldo’s top. Among Malcesine’s most famous visitors, it is possible to identify famous painter Gustav Klimt who in the summer of 1913 painted two of his most famous landscapes, inspiring himself to Cassone and Malcesine. Besides Klimt, Malcesine was visited and told about by Goethe during his famous trip in Italy.

MalcesineThe visitor or the tourist on Holiday in Malcesine must visit the castle with the original Della Scala pentagonal donjon and the museum of natural history. An other very interesting place is the Palazzo dei Capitani, which used to be the captain of the Lake’s head office during the years of the Republic of Venice.

After its recent reconstruction, the place holds some frescos and a very beautiful garden on the lake. During the summer, there is a lively cultural activity in Malcesine: many concerts take place at the Lacaor Theatre, a suggestive natural arena beneath the Della Scala castle.

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