Limone Lake Garda
Limone Garda Lake
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Limone altitude65 m MotorwayA22 Rovereto 30 Km
pop 971 StationRovereto 28 Km - Desenzano 50 Km
zip code25010 AirportVillafranca 90 Km
LimoneLimone: The town’s name has really nothing to do with the centuries old cultivation of lemons. Instead, it seems that the name comes from the Latin word “Limem” which means border. In the past, Limone was extremely isolated, it could only be reached by lake and its economy was based on fishing and on lemon and olive growing.

LimoneLimone was finally connected to the other towns of the Riviera in 1932 when the western Gardesana Street was finished so the years of isolation ended.

The people who lived in Limone from poor farmers or fishermen quickly became great hotel keepers, changing the little and characteristic town of fishermen into one of the most important tourist centres in Lake Garda.

LimoneThe people who live in Limone are proud not only about the historical centre and the fragrant citrus cultivations of their famous little town but also about their DNA.

In fact, in 1979, Limone became famous soon after a particular protein was found in the blood of aboriginals which seemed to have a positive influence on their health and longevity.

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